I do not have a bank card to buy online. Any solution for me? Featured


Yes, we've got you covered!

Without online payment possibilities, you can get ZTF ebooks and (soon) audiobooks using our dedicated ZTF Reader platform, with an eReader available for both Android or iOS driven devices.

  1. Create a user account on  ZTF Reader
  2. Download the Android or iOS mobile app
  3. login using the account information you created in step 1
  4. You can start by getting our FREE titles to test and get you started
  5. To obtain the paid eBooks without a card,
    1. contact one of our local book distributors. Or check the list of ZTF book distributors on  ZTF Reader.
    2. Pay for the desired title with you local currency
    3. They will provide you with a download code (coupon)
    4. get back to your account on  ZTF Reader and insert the coupon on checkout for that title and voila!
  6. If anything is not clear, we are available and pleased to help. Send us an email or WhatsApp using the list of contacts on  ZTF Reader
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