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What are the steps to buy a ZTF eBook?


To buy an ebook, follow the steps below:

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Step 1

Go to the online book catalogue where we have a comprehensive list of possible ZT Fomum titles that you would like to buy. 

go to online catalogue

Step 2

Select and click on the title that you would like to buy. For this demo, we would take The Way of Victorious Praying, the first book in the Prayer Power Series

Check This Out

Step 3

  • You will see the book in various formate (ebook and audiobook) as well as the various online retailers for each of the formats.
  • Select eBook since we want to buy the eBook version. 
  • Click on the google books store icon to take you to the book on their store front.
Go to google bookstore

Step 4

Here, you see the price of the ebook in your local currency and other important metadata about the title. To view the various buying methods, click on the price button.

Step 5

Select method 1: Add credit or debit card

Step 6

Enter your bank card details and save

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