Email Portal

Step 1:

From your gmail account, click the setting as on the screenshot below

Screenshot 2020 04 23 at 01.40.44


Step 2:

Go to Accounts and Import tab and then click on Add another email address as indicated on the screenshot below

Screenshot 2020 04 23 at 01.42.57

Step 3: 

  1. Enter a name (of your choice) for the account you want to import
  2. Enter the email address that you received
  3. click Next Step

Screenshot 2020 04 23 at 01.32.21


Step 4:

Enter the server and account information as in the screenshot below:

  1. SMTP Server:
  2. Username: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. [or]
  3. Password: The password you received
  4. Leave the default/suggested Port and Secured connection options unchanged
  5. Click Add Account

 Screenshot 2020 04 23 at 01.33.02


Step 5:

If the information provided above is correct, then you will get the following screen, with two options to confirm your email.

Screenshot 2020 04 23 at 01.33.25


Step 6:

From the received email, either use the Confirmation code or simply click on the link (as shown on the screenshot below) to confirm your account import.

Screenshot 2020 04 23 at 01.35.43


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