What are the requirements for being a missionary (with CMFI)?


All would-be missionaries have to go through the School of Knowing and Serving God (SKSG), which is our military academy for the Lord Jesus, for the preparation and qualification of soldiers for Christ for the harvest: men and women filled with the Holy Spirit, possessing God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit in full measure in order to give Him to the world.

The SKSG is open to any member of Christian Missionary Fellowship International (CMFI) who is

  • radically converted to the Lord Jesus Christ,
  • a disciple of the Lord Jesus and of a man,
  • a faithful member of a local church,
  • has a personal history with God,
  • of good moral, and
  • in good physical health

Visit the SKSG website for more information on the general and special admission requirements.

Posted 1 year agoby gordonfru